Steps to Create a custom web app using SharePoint online

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Introduction: – Here, I will show you the power and ease of using Access 2013 to create a simple App Form that you can use in your Office 365 deployment. Simply put, it’s one of the easiest way to create an App for SharePoint without breaking out any code at all.

Access 2013 Web enables you to publish your app and host it in Office 365. There’s three main areas in an Access 2013 Web App:

  • The Web App Model
  • Deployment to SharePoint
  • Data storage based on SQL in Azure

With the new web app model we can design our forms for this app easily. There’s no exhausting design process to get around when creating apps using Access. You’ve got table templates ready-to-go as a boilerplate to start your work on.

You deploy your app to SharePoint just like any other app you create. An Access App is just like any other SharePoint App.

When you deploy your App to Office 365, the data you store in the app is hosted in SQL Azure.

Steps: –

    1. First open Microsoft access and choose custom web app template.


    2. Select App Name and Web Location (site address). Click on create.


    3. If you are not signed in to the site, you’ll have to fill in your credentials and re-authenticate.


    4. Here we are creating a simple application that will be a way to create and manage small events. Search for a specific type of template in the search box on the front page of Access i.e. Event.


    5. Click on the upper left section of the ribbon called Launch app. It will be published to Office 365 and displayed in your web browser.
    6. On the left (1) is a list of tables. These are the broad types of things, like assets, that are tracked in your app. For each table, there are several views (2) across the top. These views display the information stored in the tables in useful ways. The default List view can be used to search and filter the different assets (3) and to edit, add, or delete information about each asset (4)


    7. Create some data in application to demonstrate the various built-in views. I have normally switch over to Datasheet view instead of the default List view, which enables me to quickly fill in new data.


There you have it! You have successfully created an MS Access Application on SharePoint online .In this quick introduction i have introduced the concept of App Forms with Access Services in Office 365.

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