SharePoint: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Answer

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SharePoint: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Microsoft SharePoint is an enterprise collaboration environment that can be used for website creation, document sharing, group discussions, blogging, calendaring, and wikis. For an overview of the service, please see SharePoint: Overview and description of service.

How often is SharePoint content backed up?
Backups run on a nightly basis.

How can I get deleted content restored to my site?
When content is deleted from a site, it is stored in the site Recycle Bin. A site owner can restore the content from there. After 30 days, the content is removed from the site Recycle Bin, but it is still available at the site collection Recycle Bin. A site collection owner/administrator can restore the content from there. After 30 days, the content is removed from the site collection Recycle Bin. After that, a full site needs be to recovered to get to the deleted content. A ticket should be opened with the OIT Help Desk for this type of request.

Who should be contacted for site restoration requests?
The OIT Help Desk should be contacted if a whole site needs to be restored.

If I delete a document from a library that has past versions, does restoring it from the site Recycle Bin restore the current version and all past versions of the item or only the most recent one?
When you restore a deleted document, the current version and all past versions are restored.

What is the limit for a document size when I am uploading to a SharePoint document library?
The size limit for a file upload to a SharePoint document library is 50MB.

How much space do I have available on My Site?
My Site provides you with 100MB of space.

How do I access Outlook Web Access webparts such as “My Calendar”?
In order to get the “My Calendar” web part working on My Site, enter the URL “” instead of just the server name.

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