MIRI OpenCart

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MIRI OpenCart is a default and pre-arranged OpenCart establishment with the standard subject and modules. This setup is very simple and easy. OpenCart is an open source PHP-based web shopping basket framework. A strong ecommerce solution for web shippers with the capacity to make their own online business and take part in e-business at a minimum expense. OpenCart is designed feature, simple to utilize, search engine friendly and with a visually engaging interface.


MIRI OpenCart Support

  • When you join to the MIRI OpenCart, your AWS commercial center membership will be naturally distinguished. MIRI OpenCart provides technical support for installation and setup issues through our support center.
  • Contact No. at- +1 (510)298-5936
  • Email– support@miritech.com.
  • 24*7 Hrs. facility is available. Client can contact us at anytime.

7 thoughts on “MIRI OpenCart

    1. Hi Brendan,

      Thanks for contacting Miri Support team.

      Due to security concern we were not installed phpmyadmin service.

      If you want to access database then please follow these steps:

      Step1: Open SSH via Putty.
      Step2: login with ec2-user with ppk file.
      Step3: sudo su
      Step4: mysql -u root -p instanceID
      instanceID – Password for mysql root user
      Step4: show databases;

      If you want to install phpmyadmin then inform us we will provide steps:

      Support Team

        1. Hi Brenden,

          Thanks for contacting Support team,

          We will provide steps to install and configure phpmyadmin or you will provide server detail to install phpmyadmin by our technical staff.

          Miri Support Team

            1. 1. Login to your putty with your ec2 instance credentials and change the current user to super user and download the PHPMyAdmin from its official site. https://www.phpmyadmin.net/downloads/ to /var/www/html/ location. Use the following commands for it –
              sudo su
              cd /var/www/html/
              wget https://files.phpmyadmin.net/phpMyAdmin/4.6.6/phpMyAdmin-4.6.6-all-languages.zip

              2. Now extract file using command bellow
              unzip phpMyAdmin-4.6.6-all-languages.zip

              Note : If unzip is not been considered as command then perform the following two commands and then perform the previous unzip command
              sudo yum install zip
              sudo yum install unzip

              4. Now rename the folder to phpmyadmin
              mv phpMyAdmin-4.6.6-all-languages phpmyadmin

              5. Now open the browser : /phpmyadmin/setup/index.php
              You need to add verbose name on this. please note you have to make config folder inside phpmyadmin folder and make it web writable and you change permission of the folder, and follow instruction. If you get mbstring error please enter this command
              sudo yum install php56-mbstring

              All Done now you need to remove the config folder one config file is created. Now go to this link: /phpmyadmin and login.

  1. Hello
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    Update WordPress
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    Thank you

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