Install Eclipse Mars.1 4.5.1 on CentOS 6.x/RHEL(RadHat)

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Follow Below steps and Get Install Eclipse

Step 1 – Install Sun/Oracle Java JDK

Install Sun/Oracle Java JDK on Fedora, CentOS, Red Hat (RHEL)

Step 2 – Download Eclipse Mars

Download suitable version from .

This guide uses Eclipse IDE for Java Developers version.

Select also 32-bit or 64-bit version depending on your system.


Step 3 – Change root user

$ su –

To change miri(user) to root user

Enter password

Prompt look like:

eclipse command

Step 4: Extract Eclipse package (example to /opt directory)


tar -xvzf eclipse-java-mars-1-linux-gtk-x86_64.tar.gz -C /opt


Step 6: Create Eclipse executable on /usr/bin path

$ touch /usr/bin/eclipse

$ chmod 755 /usr/bin/eclipse

#Miri# Open eclipse file with your favorite editor #Miri#

$ vi /usr/bin/eclipse

#Miri# Paste following content to file #Miri#


export ECLIPSE_HOME=”/opt/eclipse”

$ECLIPSE_HOME/eclipse $*


Step 7: Create Gnome desktop launcher


$ vi /usr/share/applications/eclipse.desktop

#Miri# Add following content to file and save #Miri#

[Desktop Entry]



Comment=Eclipse Mars.1 4.5.1








Step 8 : Start Eclipse


From command line

$ eclipse

eclipse install1

From Desktop menu

eclipse install

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