Advantage of Upgrading In SharePoint-2013

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Advantage SharePoint-2013

  1. Easier sharing and permissions management for websites.
  2. Improved task management.
  3. Moving from Microsoft SharePoint 2013 to Office 365 will be pretty easier then moving from other versions of Microsoft SharePoint to Office 365.
  4. Office Web Application integration and improvements
  5. Video and iframe embedding and support improvements
  6. Better mobile support and browser support

App Support for Extensibility

New App model to extend SharePoint functionality by using HTML and JavaScript for client-side code. Apps can also execute code in cloud services such as Windows Azure.

  1. Everything is in a SharePoint site is now an app
  2. No custom code on SharePoint server
  3. Easier to upgrade to future versions of SharePoint
  4. Reduces the ramp-up for those developing apps
  5. Leverage hosting platform features in new apps
  6. Provides additional approach for development

Office Web apps

Office Web apps are free (no office client needed) for both internal and external users with the exception that internal users require an Office 2013 license (standard or pro) to edit documents.


Advantage of SharePoint-2013

Business intelligence:

SharePoint Server 2013 business intelligence applications and tools let you organize your vision of organizational goals, processes, and performance requirements. These applications enable the users to analyze a large amount of data and information at any given time ensuring quicker decision making

Design Manager

SharePoint 2013 includes a number of new features to make it easier than ever before to style and publish web sites.  One of those features is Design Manager; it allows you to do things like create different channels for your content – such as one set of pages for full size browsers, one for mobile devices, another for tablets, etc.  You can associate different master pages with each channel.

Search (integrated FAST)

For 2013, Microsoft has now created ‘SharePoint Search’ that encompasses the FAST features built into the cost of SP server.   One welcome change to Search is the addition of type-ahead functionality as well the ability to show your most recent personal searches.

Client object Model for Managed Code

The Client Object Model provides almost all the programming features of the Server Object Model plus advantages in deployment.


Advantage of Content in SharePoint-2013

Asset Library Enhancement /Video Support

An Asset Library is pre-configured to use special features that help users manage rich media assets, such as image, audio, and video files

Content Organizer

The Content Organizer acts as a gatekeeper for documents. You can automatically manage some important library tasks, such as managing folder sizes and routing documents to different libraries or folders. This not only saves time, but can help make sure that a document library is managed consistently.

Document Set

Document sets let users store, act on, export, and add a description to multiple files as a single entity. Policies, tagging, and templates can be applied to any document set that is created

External Sharing: Guest Link

Site users can generate a Guest Link (an anonymous link to a document) to share documents stored in SharePoint Online with external users without requiring the external user to sign in. Site users can create a Guest Link right from where the document is stored, such as in OneDrive for Business or a team site library, by using the “Get a link” button.


Advantage of BI in SharePoint-2013

Filter Search

You can search on filter results, which makes it easy to jump to a particular item in a long list.

Performance Point Services

PerformancePoint Services enables SharePoint Server 2013 customers to create interactive dashboards that display key performance indicators (KPIs) and data virtualizations in the form of scorecards, reports, and filters

Power View for Excel in SharePoint

With Power View for Excel, you can visualize and interact with modeled data by using highly interactive visualizations, animations, and smart querying. With SharePoint Online, you use Excel Online to view and interact with workbooks that contain Power View sheets in a browser window. You can also use the Excel Web Access Web Part to display Excel content in a SharePoint Site. Power View sheets must be created in Excel before being viewed in SharePoint.

Quick Explore

Quick Explore enables organizations to select a value in a PivotChart report or a PivotTable report and see additional information about that value. For example, if you are viewing a sales report and you select a value that represents total sales amounts, you can use Quick Explore to view additional information such as sales amounts across different product categories or geographical areas.


Advantage of Sites in SharePoint-2013

Project Site Template

Use the project site template to create a site where you can capture tasks and assign them to people in your organization, store and manage project-related documentation, and track project team events on a common calendar.

Project Summary web part

The Project Summary web part provides a visual timeline for a task list, and information about late and upcoming tasks and events. By default, it is included on the Home page for a project site, and it can be added to any other site that includes a task list.

Project Workspace

Existing project workspace sites are upgraded in this version to look similar to newly-created project and team sites that include the project functionality. Upgraded project workspace sites can be used to capture tasks and assign them to people in your organization, store and mange project-related documentation, and track project team events on a common calendar.

Team Site: Drag & Drop

You can upload documents, pictures, and other types of files to your site by dragging them from your computer to a library on your site, such as Documents or your OneDrive for Business library.

Advantage of Look and Feel in SharePoint-2013

Have you tried to apply new branding in SharePoint 2007/2010? If you are a Web designer and SharePoint developer, it is not difficult. It can be achieved by creating a custom SharePoint master page and CSS files. The problem is that the majority of Web designers know HTML and CSS very well, but they do not understand the ASP.NET master page architecture used by SharePoint, and especially the conversion from HTML to SharePoint master pages is a rather challenging task.

Now, in SharePoint Server 2013, a SharePoint master page can be built directly from a HTML file by a tool called Design Manager. Design Manager automatically converts an HTML file to a SharePoint master page. Further changes in the master page can be done by any Web designer tool (e.g. Expression Web Studio or Adobe Dreamweaver).

Composed Looks

Pre-defined packages of master pages, background images, fonts and color palettes.

Theming Model

New theming model that applies colors, fonts and background images.

HTML 5 Compatibility

Full compatibility with HTML 5.

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