What are the benefits of having the Sales Cloud certification?

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Sales Cloud is one of the most renowned CRMs in the market, which keeps gaining popularity as well as strengthening the customer base. Subsequently, this grows the need for certified Sales Cloud consultants and the current article explicates the benefits of having the Sales Cloud certification for both employees as well as the companies they work for.

Presently, there is one Sales Cloud-focused certification which is mainly for consultants. However, there are other Salesforce experts that can work with Sales Cloud such as developers, architects, and administrators. So, let’s first dive into what this concept is and what are Salesforce certification benefits.

salesforce consultant services

What is Sales Cloud certification?

In the perception of Layman’s, Salesforce Administrator Certification is the qualification of the fundamental level that is available for professionals who want to involve themselves in the Salesforce application in a particular organization. The certification is supplied to individuals by the American Cloud Computing company named as Salesforce.

Eligibility requirements for Sales Cloud certifications!

  • You need to be a professional regarding the administration.
  • Your qualifications should include a degree in one of these: BBA/ BCA/ MBA/ MCA.
  • You should be well equipped with the skills in this field of work.

What are the Benefits of getting a Salesforce Certificate?

Attaining Incredible knowledge

One of the biggest advantages of having Sales cloud certification is that it allows you to have a great understanding and knowledge of this platform. It enhances your insight to explore different tools that enables you to indulge in various other subtopics of the main subject in which you are trying to qualify. As a result, you would be able to gain hands-on exposure in Salesforce tools to get ahead in this career.

Leverage your Dynamically-updated Existing Knowledge

Salesforce always remains highly updated with time and this cloud technology allows the release of all the updates with regards to its field of work and gets pushed to the application by itself. Also, if Salesforce is already a prevailing concept at your organization then you need not to concern about having to wait for an elongated period to update the entire enterprise software.

Another feather in your company’s cap

If you possess this certification then you have an extra asset for a company as with great exposure and knowledge in this field, you tend to be extremely advantageous for the company. You are likely to get good jobs within days of displaying their resumes. In addition to this, your existing company values you if it uses Salesforce broadly. You, with your Salesforce certification, become an elixir for your organization as it allows you to help your company in making the best use of Salesforce technology.

The increase in your value

Companies would want to have you associated with their businesses if you have a Salesforce certification. It enhances your qualifications and your resume becomes more impressive with the addition of this certification. It speaks of all that you have gone through to attain efficacy in the work you do, and processing capability. As a result, you become the centre of your company’s interest and are found to be acknowledged with the comprehension of your skills. All in all, having this certification increases your value within the organization.

In the current business era, employers have come to realize the fact of how much value do employees with Salesforce certification hold and add to multiple benefits that bring out the potential of their business. Therefore, it comes as no astonishment when people with Salesforce certification earn a handsome salary.

Summing Up…

In a nutshell, it can be stated that people are expected to have a lot of creative skills these days to get a good job with a handsome amount. Nowadays, employers look for employees that have good certifications with great practical knowledge so that the organization can grow. Such kinds of employees are capable of indulging in analytics and even excel amazingly at customer relationship management. Sales Cloud certification plays a vital role in this as the certificate speaks for itself and you can have great career opportunities in your way with the perks of having a stable and balanced work life after completing this certification.

Hire Salesforce Consulting Partners

Take Salesforce Consulting Services from Miri as not only are we one of the top in Salesforce Consulting Services known in this arena, but we also work in industry-specific teams like E-commerce, Entertainment, Finance, Real estate, Data Analytics, Data security. Our dedicated Salesforce Developers have helped numerous businesses by utilizing the power of Salesforce.

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Will 2020 be a game-changer for Node.js?

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The popularity of Node.js has grown in the last couple of years and companies are mainly laying emphasis on the potentialities of Node.js. It is a great framework that is the amalgamation of libraries, helpers and various other tools that allow you to create and develop great web apps without any difficulty. One of the best things about Node.js is that it provides your web platform a robust base to build upon and secure your online presence. Talking about statistics:

  • js is expected to rule the year 2020 due to its great functionality.
  • According to Similar Tech, it is the most popular framework in the US as approximately 28,000 websites make use of it.
  • As per W3techs, the framework is utilized by high traffic websites entailing Netflix, PayPal, Groupon and so on.

Most Popular Node.js Frameworks:

Node.js has a great number of frameworks that play a vital role in driving the web development vertical for the year 2020. Node.js is highly economic in nature and has gained worldwide popularity among the developers alongside it has alleviated the development cost by approximately 12% annually. The renowned Node.js frameworks have gained utmost popularity in taking this framework to huge heights of success in the year 2020.



Express.js is a quick, renowned and flexible platform that provides a great collection of features for the web as well as mobile application development. It provides assistance to developers to work effectively and quickly without any kind of hassle. Also, Express.js is ranked as the 11th most popular framework to work upon among the top most 10k other frameworks.


Meteor.js is highly user-friendly and a simplistic Node.js framework that is full-stack and highly compatible with Android, Desktop or iOS. Most of the full-stack developers work on this framework to help enterprises grow and enhance and it has now become the fourth most renowned and used framework in India.


Nest.js is a framework that allows an application to be developed in a highly scalable manner. It is greatly inspired by Angular in is features and possesses a strong base of TypeScript. The best part is that it is highly compatible with Node.js servers as well as JavaScript Libraries.


Koa.js has a phenomenal user base along with 28K Github stars. It is very easy to use framework as it is an extremely lightweight and requires fewer codes to get the work done. It is a middleware framework that can take two types of functions, entailing:

  • Async function
  • Common function

Key advanced features that make Node.js 2020 Ready:

It is evident that the development with the Node.js is highly productive, efficient as per the requirements of the clients. Some of the major advanced features that make Node.js framework 2020 ready:

Serverless and Hardware Free Solution

One of the most fruitful features of Node.js is that it removes aspects such as hardware and server maintenance from performance deciding factors. This helps in saving cost as well as in reducing the time which ultimately improves the productivity of the developers.


Microservices offered by Node.js framework is really helpful in enhancing the maintenance of the codes.


The framework alleviates logic redundancy and can be easily used by multiple applications.

Node.js: Game Changer for 2020 or not?

Node.js has emerged as one of the universal frameworks for the development of the majority of applications and its benefits have been increasing rapidly with time.

  • js has simplified application of multiple attributes and features in both vertical and horizontal positions as well.
  • This framework is highly in demand and very easy to learn due to its great features and capabilities.
  • It is one of the most advanced full-stack software development framework as it gives power to the developer to work upon the client and server applications at the same time.
Wrap Up:

Node.js plays a vital role in the technology stack and provides highly scalable, cheaper and independent services. These trends are definitely going to make it a highly renowned in the market in 2020 and the trends will surely play a decisive role in Node.js web application development. Hire Node.js developers from Miri if you want assistance in hassle-free web app development. Being a top-notch Node.js Development Company, we deliver a great platform to the clients as per their requirements and desired features in the application.

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Why Enterprises should choose ASP.NET Core for cross-platform web applications?

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ASP.Net is an open-source cross-platform framework that provides MVC structure, web API, and all kinds of services that are required to develop a specific enterprise-grade web application. It is a great evolving framework that provides speedy performance along with super-fast API for web apps. ASP.Net provides the elements that enterprises require to develop the web application that they need.

Why enterprises should choose this platform (ASP.net) core for cross-platform web applications?

Cross-Platform: Talking about ASP.net development services for enterprises, it should support all platforms. ASP.net is a cross-platform which simply means that you can simply develop applications that run smoothly on Linux, Mac, and Windows with ASP.net core web application development. This cross-platform helps businesses with more exposure to other such platforms. During the development of cross-platform applications, one needs to develop the only frontend with the same C# code for the backend.  With the help of new .Net standard libraries, you can easily develop your cross-platform with maximum capabilities.

Code Consistency: This platform helps to run the code with the same behaviour on multiple channels and architecture regardless of the fact if it is x64, x86, or ARM.

Open Source: ASP.Net core is developed by Microsoft and the community with the main aim to break the boundaries. Also, it provides the capability to develop and deploy ASP.Net apps in various other operating systems including Mac, Linux, and Windows. The best part is that .Net empowers the developer and enterprises to control the environment of deploying and developing the application. Microsoft has created this flexible environment by introducing .Net Core as enterprises can ask developers to build better applications with .Net. As a result, it has become easier to upgrade the specific framework whenever a new package or version is out in the market.

Codeless: Cost factor is directly or indirectly related to Codeless which states that the enterprises do not have to worry about the cost of having developed their application. This is because the new .Net core is the latest technology that provides great results in less code and developers are able to write much fewer statements to get the work done. Less coding takes less time for developers to build the app that ultimately help enterprises to get ready-made applications with advanced features and attributes.

Fewer hours to code = Affordable Cost. Hurry and Say yes to ASP.Net Core Development services from Miri

Easy Maintenance: ASP.Net allows the developer to deliver the app with less coding which ultimately helps in easy and automatic maintenance. By taking assistance from ASP.Net Development Company, enterprises can get their web pages maintained along with optimized code with fewer statements. This will help businesses to ensure smooth business processes without any kind of data loss, fear of security and technical glitch.

App performance Enhancer: One of the best features of .Net core is that it provides exactly the same that a company, e-commerce store owners and industrialists require for their business app and its growth. The apps of enterprises perform better as .Net core framework gives higher performance. Another great feature is that you don’t have to change the code but the ASP.Net core’s compiler would automatically optimize the code whenever the code is recompiled by using .Net core framework.

Cloud-Based Web Application Support: All types of mobile and web app development along with IoT application development are supported by ASP.Net. All kinds of enterprises can easily have their cloud-based application that ensures their tremendous business growth.

Final Words

All the aforementioned advantages can be easily availed using ASP.Net core that explicates how this framework is valuable for both enterprises as well as developers. Enterprises that have selected to have their web applications built in ASP.Net core are feature-rich, fast performing, speedy and highly functional as compared to other organizations. Hire dot net developer from Miri for the development of a cross-platform application. All the IT service providers have realized the importance of ASP.Net as a cross-platform app and are offering end-to-end solutions to build their web apps.

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What is a SharePoint Hub Site in Office 365?

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SharePoint hub sites allow you to organize your intranet by combining multiple team sites and communication sites together in SharePoint. Hub sites give common navigational structure, look and feel and search across associated sites. One can organize concepts, teams, divisions or resources throughout your organization by making use of SharePoint Online hub sites in Office 365. Additionally, it makes easier for you to:

  • Search across all the relevant associated sites
  • Determine talented content including news and other site activities
  • Apply common navigation and branding across associated sites

Define Hub sites?

Hub sites are regarded as the newest intranet building block in Office 365. They are easily available to all Office 365 customers such as enterprise, education and government. In the current era of modern SharePoint, each unit of work receives a separate site collection. Hub sites help us to eliminate the inflexibility and governance limitations of dreaded subsites, while giving a way to replicate one of the major advantages of subsites- a way to build a shared experience among related sites. Hub sites allow us to kill subsites, but not without proper planning.

SharePoint Hub Site in Office 365:

Due to the advent of SharePoint Online and Office 365, we witnessed numerous companies including small businesses adopt SharePoint. This helped most of the medium and small sized businesses to get away with only 1 or 2 site collections. The question was raised that what made a single site collection really attractive which helped in building common navigation between all the subsites. In addition to this, it helped in developing site templates and even reusing them.

Subsite vs. Site Collection approach has always been an argument when it comes to the SharePoint community as each approach had its own pros and cons. This gave popularity to flat architecture with the rollout of Office 365 Groups and Communication Sites. A new site collection is provisioned each time when you create Office 365 Groups and Communication Sites. So, you want it or not you are compelled to use a flat architecture.

Here the challenge was how to bring them all together through common navigation. This is where Hub Sites made an entry. Hub sites can be contemplated as a phenomenal approach to tie together all the autonomous site collections under a single navigation umbrella.

Creation of Hub Sites:

Hub sites can be created with the help of the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: You are required to choose a site that will be the main hub- this is the place where you will be managing the global menu (consider it as an elder sister)

Step 2: You are required to align other site collections to the hub site (consider this as brothers and sisters joining the elder sister)

Characteristics of Hub sites:

When a team site or communication site is associated with a hub site, it automatically inherits some common attributes and characteristics such as:

Navigation: It determines the top navigation in the hub site that is inherited by the associated sites.

Theme: It determines the appearance of the hub site and the entire theme remains similar across all the associated sites.

Logo: A logo on a site can be referred to the green sticker on a map that reads “you are here”. It is an essential identifier of the site that you are visiting along with the information and people that the site represents. Basically, the logo defined by the hub site and used by associated sites refers to, “you are here and you haven’t left.”


From the aforementioned discussion, it can be stated that the SharePoint Hub site is a collection of sites that are connected to a master site where all the connected sites can be easily navigated and effectively managed. Basically, the concept of SharePoint hub sites came up as the building block of the intranet, to bring together relevant sites to roll up news and activities to ease search and create consistency with shared navigation and look and feel.

SharePoint Development Services

Are you willing to adapt SharePoint to your unique business context? Our experts will provide the best SharePoint consulting services and will help you tune the platform in alignment with your peculiar business requirements.

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Why Choose Laravel Framework Over Other Web Development Frameworks?

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What is Laravel?

As a PHP technology, Laravel is an open-source platform that has a vibrant developer’s community support and powerful features too. It is one of the most renowned open source platforms for the purpose of website development. Laravel is very helpful in creating websites with MVC (model-view-controller) patterns. In addition to this, Laravel website development simplifies most of the project tasks that save time as well as efforts. Most of the software development companies have highlighted multiple reasons why one should choose the Laravel framework for web development.

Selection of Laravel framework for web development

Selecting Laravel makes it easier to begin the digital platform as website development is an amalgamation of both logic and creativity. Laravel framework is an efficient tool for these purposes as it provides great opportunities for efficacious website development. Some of the great benefits of the Laravel framework include the following:

Robust Security: It is undoubtedly true that Laravel is a highly secure framework that offers robust safety against different threats.  Laravel also helps in apprehending the online businesses to secure their codebase to allow their web app to perform smoothly.

Efficient authentication: The best part is that the Laravel business solutions framework allows developers to build web applications that provide resource access to only authorized users. This really helps in keeping unauthorized users away from the resources by ensuring a seamless mechanism to organize logic for the authentication process.

Increased performance: The enhanced performance of web applications is one of the prime reasons to choose Laravel over other platforms. Not only this, but Laravel also helps in reducing app development time alongside provides great features in the app.

Vast Customer Access: You have the chance to enhance your business with Laravel as it allows to expand your business reach by facilitating the creation of multi-lingual apps to reach the vast audience. It also offers the capability to pace up the app across all possible browsers and platforms which ultimately helps in expanding the business reach.

Less time to build a Laravel Website: It needs quite less time to develop a website on Laravel as it is a great solution for small and middle-size projects as well as this platform is very easy to use as compared to Drupal CMS or any other platform.

Database migration by Laravel: One of the most fruitful features given by Laravel is the migration that helps you in maintaining the database structure of a website without re-creating it. In addition to this, Laravel migrations let you revoke the latest changes you made to the database.

Easy to begin with: One of the most prominent reasons that most of the people or developers start with Laravel as it is easy to get started. As a developer, if you are unaware of the basics of PHP then you do not need to worry about it as you can easily build a 5-page website within a few hours.


Although, the aforementioned reasons are not the only reasons why you should opt Laravel for web development as there’s much more to explore. But from the above discussion, it is apparently true that the PHP framework is definitely an ideal resource when you are finding a well-performing web solution.

Don’t think much and don’t miss a chance to influence clients with your amazing work using PHP development technology- Laravel. Miri, being one of the most renowned Laravel application development company is proficient in responsive website development based on PHP. Hire dedicated Laravel developers to avail excellent web development services from Miri.

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Why Node.js has become a standard for enterprise-level organizations?

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Node.js is an open-source platform with cross-platform back-end technology to build server-side network web applications. It makes use of event-driven and non-blocking mode for the app development with a fast back-end. Node.js is highly renowned in the modern era as it offers a great set of opportunities to developers and enhances the effectiveness of the engineering teams. Even, most of the IT service providers provide services on this language to make your business processes smoother and profitable.

Node.js has been in the limelight due to the growing need for enhancing business operations. It is conquering the programming world and is highly renowned to have changed the lives of developers and business managers. As a result of its benefits and improved results, large-scale businesses and enterprises are implementing Node.js and bringing it to the mainstream market.

How has it profited businesses?

Node.js has resulted in boosting conversion rates and the overall sales of businesses. In regard to this, some of the most important advantages of Node.js include:

  • It helps in building real-time applications in a lightning-fast way
  • It enhances the efficacy of the development process along with the business, by filling the gap between frontend and backend developers
  • It is possible to code in JavaScript from both the client and server-side due to its open-source nature
  • The Node.js code gets executed faster as compared to other programming languages
  • Node also has an ever-evolving NPM (Node Package Manager) that provides multiple flexible modules and tools to developers to help them enhance their productivity.
  • js is appropriate for microservices frameworks that are widely utilized with enterprise-level applications

Why Node.js over other platforms?

Nowadays, people tend to have a very busy schedule and they don’t find time for themselves and in such situations, they hate spending hours searching for a peculiar product. When they want to buy anything, they visit a shopping app or browser to find immediate solutions. This is the main reason that developers and businesses cannot afford to put their time in building complex apps with heavy lines of code. This kind of coding is not only time-consuming but also reduces the productivity of the outcomes. Henceforth, companies should come up with quicker and efficient application servers that can satisfy the requirements of the markets on-the-go.

The reason why Node has gained so much popularity with any Node.js development company is that it makes use of JavaScript as its primary language, which has been the most favored choice among the developers. There are a number of applications that are built on Node.js servers such as PayPal, Trello, Uber, LinkedIn and our most favorite Netflix. These applications have become an important part of our life and the Node.js platform makes them flexible and comfortable to use.

What do the statistics say?

Let’s have a look at the stats about this latest programming language. According to Node.js User Survey:

  • 43% of the Node developers are making use of it for enterprise-level apps
  • 85% are using it for the purpose of web application development
  • Node has the capability to alleviate development cost by 58%
  • Also, Node.js is tested to have enhanced app performance by up to 50%
  • It is the foremost choice for start-ups and SMEs

Top reasons you should use Node.js

Node.js has gained utmost popularity and companies must use this language due to its following characteristics:

Scalability and efficacy

Node comes with great traits such as a cluster module that increases load balancing across multiple CPU cores. Additional attributes like its PM2 process manager and other such powerful tools help developers deploy Node apps effectively with speed. This makes developers to use this language effortlessly to optimize and monitor these applications after deployment.

Cross-functional collaborative teams

It is evident that working with Node apps increases team collaboration as it includes a cross-functional team workforce. Each team member is aware of his role including coding, hosting, deployment and maintenance that helps everyone (developers, quality assurance experts and infrastructure engineers) to add value to the prevailing resources available in Node.js.

No involvement in Learning Curves

One of the most significant advantages of using Node.js is that one can learn it quickly and effectively. You don’t need to go through hectic syntax learning and grasping processes as Node is built on JavaScript, which is very easy to adapt.

Usage of Node as a single programming language

Developers are given the liberty of developing server-side apps with JavaScript as one can easily develop both frontend and backend applications by using a runtime environment with JavaScript with Node. There is no requirement to make use of any other programming language as Node ensures the application deployment much more straightforward.

The Final Words

From the above discussions, it can be concluded that there are big names such as Netflix, PayPal and so on are embracing Node.js that has made it the most wanted option in the application development world. Most of the large-scale businesses and companies are adopting Node.js and bringing it to the mainstream market owing to its multiple advantages and improved results. It is acquiring the world as it is famous to have transformed the lives of developers in a positive manner.

Next time, if you are in dilemma about the kind of programming language to use in your web development projects then, choose Node.js without a doubt.

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Salesforce Predictions 2020: What does the Future Hold for Salesforce?

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Salesforce is contemplated as the market leader in CRM that has been in the spotlight in the world of sales and marketing of products along with the services across multiple industries. Nowadays, companies are able to use individual consumer data in order to communicate with their respective customers at large scale by utilizing real-time messages, constantly varying data and so on. This sort of interaction with customers helps companies to understand their customer’s needs in a better manner to serve them in the best possible manner and retain them in such a highly competitive environment.

“Salesforce is one of the most advanced software that is designed to cater to the requirements of the growing demands of every industry. In 2014, 47% of the total CRM software revenue was generated from the SaaS-based CRM application. Unquestionably, Salesforce rules worldwide as it has more than 19% of the CRM market currently.”

In the modern business era, companies are moving towards Salesforce to enhance organizational growth and business productivity. Salesforce has been in hype since long due to its extraordinary features and it is supposed to become a prominent part of the business world in 2020.

What will be the 2020 Salesforce trends?

Here’s a brief overview of what you might expect to see Salesforce trends in 2020:
More CRM Weightage
Salesforce has created a storm with its great acquisitions in 2019 and most of them reached up to billions of dollars. In addition to this, it aims to bring numerous technological changes into its future CRM by offering via these acquisitions, some of them involve synchronizing enterprise data in the cloud, location-based intelligence software integration, AI-based communication tools, outlining data analytics and data visualization and enhancing field service offering in Salesforce Service Cloud.

Enriching Salesforce Lightning Experience

Salesforce Lightning was released in the year 2015 which is mainly regarded as the backend of the Salesforce platform and is used to enhance user experience. This software has become popular as a result of its great functionality due to which Salesforce is going to add more functionality this year. In 2020, Salesforce is likely to introduce newer and great features to its Lightning platform which can also make many companies migrate from the Classic platform to the Lightning platform. To ensure effective migration, you can also opt for Salesforce consulting services from top software development companies.
Superior Marketing Cloud:
It is evident that you are going to observe bigger marketing cloud of this website and customers are adapting Salesforce without a second thought due to its great versatility. It is clear that many customers are going to go for this software as a result of its vast series of skills and expertise in this domain in the year 2020.
Amalgamated customer profile through customer 360:
There are many organizations in the market that are switching to Customer 360 to collect data from sales, marketing and other units of the organization to transform the same data into something that can make it easier for business organizations to predict sales opportunities, work on marketing plan, resolve customer service issues and determine better product recommendations. Making use of Salesforce customer 360 will allow organizations to deliver custom-made experiences to customers. Looking at its immense growth, Salesforce has made in Mulesoft and Customer 360, one can assume the advent of a unified customer profile in 2020.
Sellers needing more mobile:
It is really essential for companies like Salesforce to keep the mobility requirements of sellers on the priority that are not being fulfilled. Furthermore, the commencement of 5G mobile networks is making it more important to improve the speed, security as well as reliability of enterprise and customer-grade mobile experiences. To manage these technical barriers between sellers and selling, Salesforce has launched mobile SDK which widens its mobile capabilities beyond field service agents. It is perceived that Salesforce is definitely going to take more steps to bring more advancement in mobility to different horizons to enhance sales capabilities.
Salesforce cum Dreamforce 2020:
Salesforce is definitely a big flagship development affair and there has been a constant increase in the number of organizations utilizing the services of renowned Salesforce consulting companies in the market to realize the investment made on the CRM within a short span of time.
Let us gear up and hope that these predictions transform into reality in the year 2020 so that 2020 turns out to be a great year for Salesforce.

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E-commerce Website Requirements: Does your e-commerce platform ensures customer satisfaction?

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Customers Expectation!

What constitutes a good e-commerce site in 2020?

In the current technological era, customers expect a fully-fledged web store that delivers a standard and memorable shopping experience. They are determined and curious to know what they are buying, and from whom. Here, the question is how do you know if your e-commerce platform will help channel up good sales? What can be the website requirements for your e-commerce business to ensure customer satisfaction?

Responsive web design:

It is apparently true that mobile phones are an indispensable part of everyday life. As per the survey, most of the people spend more than five hours a day on their smartphones and almost every client these days require a mobile version of their website. It has become really essential to design web as well as mobile website that is compatible with android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle and so on. Nowadays, people want to have internet accessibility from their smartphones without any glitch or anomaly. In regard to this, Responsive Web Design is really helpful and automatically adapts a web store to the mobile device that is being widely utilized without distorting the view. Henceforth, there is a possibility of losing many potential customers by disregarding mobile compatibility.

Key requirements for e-commerce website:

Appealing and easy-to-navigate Web Store Design:

An appealing online store persuades customers from visiting the website and inspiring them to explore the available products to finally luring them to make the purchase. According to a study, you have 10 seconds to leave an imprint on an online visitor to tell them what they can get out of your webpage and the given products. If you are incapable to catch their attention within that time, then they are not likely to return on your website. Henceforth, it is really important to keep your online store attractive and appealing. We help you keep your store organized by putting your products into sub-categories to help shoppers quickly find the products that are looking for.

Enhance User experience:

In order to sell your products online, you should know how to sell your website to your customers to make your customers feel comfortable while making purchases. This is the main reason that the most important requirement for a successful website is offering a stellar user experience. In fact, user experience is a broader term as we use our expertise in custom e-commerce development to explicate what great UX refers to the e-commerce realm.

Eye-catchy interface with stable performance:

It is really important to make the right impression on a customer and this can be done by a great look and feel of your online store. The design of the website should be sleek as well as fast without any bug as the usage of heavy graphics makes it difficult to automate image optimization.

Detailed as well as up-to-date catalog:

The product catalog of your online store must provide all the information that customers want to know about the products that you offer. A content manager plays a vital role in this so that order can be maintained in the catalog as there must be no error pages alongside all the products that should have a detailed individual description. Also, there should be a review section as statistics show that 88% of people trust customer reviews and positive reviews can act as a motivation to increase the purchase and vice versa. On the contrary to this, you can save your business from negative reviews by regularly moderating them to address the negative reviews.

Guest-friendly checkout”

It is important to enable a long guest cart session by setting your cookie expiration to as long as a month or even longer than that. This would increase purchase chances as a guest can return to your site later to resume the shopping and check that the cart still has all the items that they previously put in it.


From the aforementioned discussion, it can be stated that your click and purchase store is quite similar to brick and mortar store and a customer should feel welcomed in both of these stores.

Are you planning to take your business to the online platform? We will transform your ideas into reality with our powerful e-commerce solutions. Being a renowned software development consulting firm, we offer you a great opportunity to fulfill your website requirements in order to set-up your business online.

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How Can Hiring a Salesforce Consultant Increase Your Business ROI?

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Salesforce – A Pioneer in CRM Industry:

Salesforce is considered as the pioneer in the CRM industry as it is quite evident for companies to opt for the renowned CRM for their businesses. The current article explicates why Salesforce is essential for your business to expand ROI but the same can be done by hiring an efficient Salesforce Consultant only. Salesforce CRM can be custom-made as per the requirements of your business. It has the potential to enhance the overall sales of your current business by developing new opportunities, maximizing conversion and evaluating data through reports or the dashboards.

The report generation is simpler with Salesforce as per different parameters and filters that enhance the overall efficiency of your business procedures. In the same manner, there are numerous benefits that can be enjoyed through optimum utilization of the Salesforce CRM. In order to ensure timely deliveries, you can use case management, set the priorities, and assign them to the related person. This shows that if there is a problem then, there is a solution and the Salesforce implementation consultant has a solution for it.

What is ROI?

Return on Investment (ROI) is a very important aspect to determine the business growth as your business is definitely on the right track if ROI is attractive as per your expectations. Basically, it is the total amount that you receive on your investment and it should always be bigger than your investments. There is a CRM benefit calculator in the Salesforce to portray a proper idea on your business growth in order to understand the complexity of ROI.

How Can a Salesforce Consultant Increase Business ROI?

It is true that you can implement the Salesforce to the full capacity on your own but, still you should hire a Salesforce expert to get the job done with the time and budget constraint. Some of the significant benefits that really help in accelerating the business growth and ROI by hiring a Salesforce Consultant include:

Saves Time:

Hiring Salesforce consultants in a software development company help in saving your colleagues’ time that can be used for some other productive work. Additionally, you are capable of saving training time as well as training expenses by hiring Salesforce consultants.

Accelerates business ROI

Whenever there is a problem, Salesforce consultants have solutions for each kind of problem and this ultimately leads to increased business ROI.

Enhanced product quality

Salesforce partners make sure to use the best coding standard and practices to implement the Salesforce. This reduces the chances of failure which ultimately enhances product quality and stability.

Constant support and customization

Once it is implemented, experts provide constant support and customization for your business so that your business production and efficiency are not hampered.

Enhanced business proficiency

Salesforce consultants help in encouraging the adoption and pipelining the business opportunities with business objectives that enhance business ROI as well as improve the efficacy of business processes.

Is Salesforce implementation possible on your own?

Yes, it is definitely possible but it is also true that your business needs a Salesforce implementation consultant to enjoy maximum benefits from it. He possesses domain knowledge as well as technical competencies to manage the most complex business problems in IT consulting firms that can help you expand your business ROI.

How Can Hiring a Salesforce Consultant Increase Your Business ROI?

Hiring a Salesforce consultant makes implementation easier and success chances also become higher. Some of the aspects that state the advantages of hiring a Salesforce consultant:

Focused Salesforce Consulting Services

The fact cannot be ignored that your team become really stressed out and exhausted when you complete the Salesforce setup and customizations work on your own as the team is already occupied with loads of work. To combat this situation, the best idea is hiring a Salesforce consultant that can deliver expert services and complete every task within the deadline.

Appropriate implementation plan

A team needs proper time to design a comprehensive and organized implementation plan and the task is easier for project managers who are skilled in managing the CRM implementations. Skilled Salesforce consultants come up with the standard implementation plan within the short span to fulfill business requirements.

Speedy setup and Salesforce configurations

Quick setup and Salesforce configurations can be possible by hiring a proficient Salesforce consultant as they are aware of exactly where to make the changes, how to modify the settings and also, how to configure security settings to make CRM access more private and secure.


One of the most important aspects that determine the success mantra for any business includes ROI and it is true that Salesforce work on this parameter to make your business reach new heights of success. Hence, if you are looking for proficient Salesforce consultants to enhance your business ROI then, click here right away to get the best resource for your business. Contact us for excellent Salesforce consulting services and get expert business solutions immediately.

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AIOps: Using Artificial Intelligence in DevOps

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AIOps refers to artificial intelligence that helps in ensuring effective IT operations. In the modern era, it means much more than AI as it brings in business, development, safety, security and other applicable stakeholders. It is true that every year there are some major changes in IT to keep pace with modern technology. New Year has just begun and everyone wishes for a better year and in IT or software development companies, we expect smarter technology this year.

What does AI do?

As humans, we hate tedious and boring household chores and we expect someone else does the same. Similarly, in IT, humans want to emphasize on creative work rather than searching for massive data sets to make business decisions. With the help of AI, we give that flexibility and liberty to humans to become more productive and automate things.

The era of AI and AIOps:

AIOps means artificial intelligence for IT operations to monitor the operational environment with the main aim to remediate any issue that arises. Nowadays; AI is being used in multiple industries entailing automotive industry to enhance the driving experience, in the healthcare industry to determine potential treatments and diagnose patients, IT service providers to keep up the pace with the modern technology and in the agriculture industry to advance operational efficacy by automating significant farming processes. One of the most important advancements in AI is the evolution of Chatbot as it has grown shrewder and more humanlike in its responses that give liberty to humans for more complex interpersonal interactions.

The advent of artificial intelligence as an important aspect of businesses across industry verticals tend to pose a specific challenge for IT operational teams as well as IT consulting firms. Providing AI systems with the data they require to operate effectively clear that the age of AI will definitely be the era of AIOps. It is also true that the incorporation of AIOps into the IT workflow is not a piece of a cake as it is really important to determine the requirements of the organization to develop a methodical approach on the basis of these requirements. It is seen that the adoption of DevOps has resulted into growing trend of AI and automation are indispensable to developing, creating and releasing sound software products.

AI and DevOps Integration:

Artificial Intelligence and DevOps together lead to a deeper understanding of how interconnected systems work together. This can result in more robust software and IT infrastructure in production, releasing more time at the time of the development cycle. AIOps is used to advance service resilience as well as the incident response for production environments. DevOps means improvement of agility and flexibility; AIOps should be capable of automating the path from development to production, predicting the impact of deployment on production and spontaneously responding to changes in how the production environment is performing.

AIOps relies on gathering data from multiple systems and DevOps depends on the integration of previously siloed systems. AIOps needs a similar kind of culture change like DevOps as it refers to looking at the entire system rather than peculiar technologies or infrastructure layers and being comfortable with a high level of automation. The best part is that AIOps can discover anomalies and glitches, forecast performance issues and deviations from the baseline, recommend optimizations and correlate signals across the multiple platforms for the purpose of troubleshooting.

AI’s Influence on DevOps:

Artificial Intelligence can alter how DevOps teams develop, deliver, deploy and consolidate applications to enhance the performance and perform the DevOps business operations. Basically, there are three methods through which AI can impact DevOps:

Enriched Data Accessibility:

The scarcity of unregulated accessibility of data is one of the most major concerns for DevOps teams which AI can address by releasing data from its formal storage which is significant for big data implementations. AI can gather data from multiple sources and prepare it for consistent and robust evaluation.

Superior Implementation Efficiency:

Artificial Intelligence helps in self-governed systems that allow team transition from a rule-based human management system. This ultimately helps to resolve the complexity of accessing human agents to enhance efficiency.

Optimum utilization of resources:

AI gives prerequisite competence to automate routine and redundant tasks which reduce the complexity of resources management up to a greater extent.


From the aforementioned discussion, it can be concluded that a company that wishes to automate the DevOps has to be firm on the decision whether to buy or build a custom AI layer. Initially, it is important to establish a strong DevOps infrastructure and then, AI can be applied for enhanced efficacy. AI helps

Devops Services

DevOps teams on lay emphasis on innovation by eradicating inefficiencies across the operational life cycle which ultimately results in automated enhancement and an increase in DevOps team’s efficiency.

Click here to use our DevOps consulting services as we analyze your DevOps practices, review your existing infrastructure and pen down the redundant tasks to determine the right set of tools


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